What Ya Like

by Yayra Picasso

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    Yayra Picasso

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Single from Yayra Picasso titled "What Ya Like". It is a song about a man courting a woman with the specific question in mind, what ya like? Melodious hook coupled with Yayra Picasso's precise, machine gun flow make this a pure art masterpiece!!


Tell me what you like.
For you baby you know I'll provide.
I can love you all night.

Verse 1
Holla at a boy boo.
Your sexy walk and demeanor got ya boy feenin bad to get at you.
I know you got a man and all and in demand and all but aint but one that can do the things that I do.
You know I wanna, be there to fulfill all ya fantasies, give you the best of me take you to extasy.
Wont ya come home and lay up in the bed with me, sip on this hennessy, while I roll up this tree.
Girl you right in any outfit.
Everytime you walk by me man you makin a playa heart sick.
But before you get my nose all open it's a must that I know how ya mind tick cause I aint for that bullshit.
Cause when it comes to games I plays none shawty Im to real that if you bout game gone head and ride on.
Back in the day I used to entertain them chicks, humor them chicks, but not no more because Im now grown.
Give me the number to ya cell phone Ill give you mine don't even hesitate to call me if you feel alone.
Im not here just because I wanna bone.
Put your trust in me lady and I promise youll never go wrong
Ill make you feel things that you cant describe after a night passion change ya life.
I know that you heard seen and been through it all but its over close ya eyes and roll with the vibe now tell me what you like.

Verse 2
Im a freak shawty I aint gone lie.
It aint too much shit that can be done in the bed that ya boy here wont try.
Ill make a playground in between ya thighs, have ya moanin and groanin screamin and squirming running for ya dear life.
I know just what you missing, somebody like me who can please you and tease you as if Im on a mission.
Girl Ill have you twitching and wishing that youll never have to depart from this wonderful feeling.
I play all the positions.
From the front to the back to the side Ill give you sexual healing.
Your heart I will be stealing.
Don't be scared its not necessarily bad if you happen to give in.
Its all about you boo.
We can hit any spot on the globe that you wanna go to.
Take a cruise and sail on a yacht all over the deep blue.
Aint no denying my feelings baby Im digging you like shovels do.
To tell the truth the thought of you it puts me in a zone from the time I punch in till its time to go home.
Aint no doubt in my mind because you fine intertwined with a mind it feels so right that it cannot be wrong.
I love the way that you look in that thong and every move that you make it be turning me on.
What I got will have your head feeling light but don't fight just chill and relax boo and tell me what you like.

Verse 3
Please excuse me, I don't mean to be rude but Ima cut to the chase.
You make my heart race.
And honestly baby Im infatuated with your pretty eyes thick thighs and your waist so what you doing later.
Anything that you want any need that you got like Beyonce said baby I can cater.
Can I get you a drink maybe something to eat I can serve you much better than a waiter.
I like your style I like the way that you smile I like how you get low in nem three inch stilettos.
And if you feeling me like I am feeling you then we can bounce I know a really quiet spot where we can get to know.
About each other what we do undercovers.
Conversate on maybe becoming lovers.
I don't know bout the others.
But I know one thing for sure after my love there wont be need for another.
Baby girl my, intentions for you are nothing but the best.
Ill rub your body down after a day of stress.
As a rule I do not chasem at all, but I gotta cause you got me impressed.
So baby if ya feel what I'm feeling then shawty I am willing come here close promise that I wont bite.
Unless you into biting and licking and all the foreplay fore sticking then lean on over tell me just what you like. C'mon Tell me what you like.


released January 8, 2013
Written and performed by Yayra Picasso (Asia on Hook)
Track by Platinum Sellers Beats
Produced by Lil Playboii, Anthony Arasi on mixing and mastering



all rights reserved


Yayra Picasso Atlanta, Georgia

In a genre as saturated as Hip Hop, and in a city as rich with artists as Atlanta Georgia, it quickly becomes almost impossible to find where true talent resides. Yayra Picasso is in that minority of artists with true talent, and once you hear a couple of bars of his music, you will immediately know he is the real deal. ... more

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